Advocacy for your child

Areas of Support


IEP Support & Advocacy

If your child is receiving special services or has recently been evaluated for Special Education Services—you may benefit from IEP support/advocacy services. We can meet with you to review your child’s Individual Education Plan and address any concerns you may have regarding your child’s IEP. We also aid with advocating for your child in all areas of the IEP process. This service is to help develop, revise and evaluate Individualized Educational Plans, 504 and Behavior plans (BIP).


If your child is having difficulty meeting his/her IEP goals, we currently offer tutoring services for lower-level elementary students in the areas of reading, writing, & math.

Parent Support

If you are having a difficult time communicating with your child or understanding his/her behavior-you may benefit from Parent Support services. We currently offer numerous strategies and techniques that may assist in managing your child’s behavior and establishing better communication skills with him/her.