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Our mission is to guide parents through the overwhelming journey of the Special Education process, by providing parents with the tools necessary to advocate for their child and develop a stronger collaboration between family & school personnel.



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We know navigating the educational system can, at times, be quite overwhelming. With that in mind, we want to help create a road map to success for both you and your child.

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Owner & director

Esther Ortega

Having spent the better part of a decade working closely with families who were experiencing, first hand, the effects of trauma and severe life stressors, Esther Ortega has had the unique opportunity of gaining a genuine understanding of the great necessity for Behavioral Health and Special Education advocacy.

Endowed with the realization that advocating for the child and bringing healing to distressed families would inevitably become her great passion in life, Esther made the worthwhile decision to devote herself entirely, serving as founder and Director of Southwest SPED, to the service of family restoration. Her goal has become the peaceful and healthy self-representation of each client and child through a range of advocacy support and behavioral strategies.

Esther currently holds dual Master’s Degrees in the fields of Counseling and Special Education, respectively. Upon completion of her degrees, she went on to become a Special Education Teacher, rising in ranks to become Special Education Coordinator. Esther has worked closely with children both as a Home-school Professional prior to entering the Behavioral Health field as well as an Infant Mental Health Specialist and Therapist within the community.



Northern Arizona University
M.Ed - Counseling/Human Relations
M.Ed - Special Education

Activities & Affiliations

  • COPAA Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates

  • NAPSEA National Association for Professional Special Education Advocates